Australian Greyhound flies business class on Singapore Airlines flight to Italy

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A Singapore Airlines flight from Melbourne to Italy had a very special passenger last month. Photo / 123rf

Large beds, large TVs, top-notch cuisine, and a crew that knows your name, Business Class is every traveller’s dream.

Especially for passengers like Lewis, whose alternative was not the economy but the hold.

The adopted greyhound enjoyed flying in luxury on Singapore Airlines with owner Mary Meister, who moved from Melbourne to Italy last month.

Originally from the United States, Meister had lived in Melbourne for five years and intended to stay when she adopted Lewis in 2019.

However, after being fired from her hotel job and enduring the mental health toll of the city’s lockdowns, she decided to move to Florence.

Meister knew she couldn’t leave her six-year-old greyhound behind.

“I was basically looking at whether dogs were allowed in the cabin, which some airlines including Singapore Airlines allow,” she said. Traveler.

“Unfortunately, they have weight restrictions, which means Lewis was not eligible. I then saw that they allowed ’emotional support animals’ and researched what that meant.”

Since Meister was undergoing treatment for panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, his doctor and therapist said it was worth asking Lewis to fly alongside him.

If Lewis were to fly in a freighter, the two would have been separated for three days, which was “out of the question” according to Meister.

“The longest I’ve been apart from him, since I started working from home, is a few hours at the most,” she said.

After saving for a business class seat so Lewis could sit at his feet, Meister boarded the flight and saw that the cabin was mostly empty, likely due to international border restrictions.

So she put it in the seat next to her, with a cushion underneath for any unexpected accidents. Fortunately, they weren’t needed and Lewis held on until they reached the transit airports.

Gret Grays rescue, from where Meister adopted Lewis, quickly posted photos of his flight to Instagram, receiving over 17,000 likes.

Most of the luxury was lost on Lewis, not only because he was a dog, but also because he was a solid sleeper who slept for most of the flight. Waking up during the second stage when the crew “spoiled it rotten” for its seventh birthday.

“The flight attendants brought him muffins, croissants and a lot of strawberry jam that he loved,” Meister said. “They all said he was the best behaved dog they’ve ever had on a flight and they couldn’t believe how quiet he was all the time.”

Now in Italy, Meister said Lewis enjoys his new Italian life, especially empty dog ​​yards off leash.

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