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After seeing success on its Classic avatar, Royal Enfield is poised to move into the modern era. On the occasion of the 120th anniversary celebrations, the company recently unveiled its most modern motorcycle in concept form at the Milan Motor Show – the SG 650. The SG 650 promises to be the best motorcycle ever to come out of the world. The Royal Enfield stable and much more – a big step from classic fashion to the modern era.

Middleweight champion
Enfield is the king of motorcycles in the 250cc to 750cc segments. From India to his native UK and all other European countries and the United States, Enfield rode high only on the strength of the Classic 350 model. Enfield backed the classic with the right retro-contemporary blend. This, along with later models like the Interceptor and the Continental GT, helped the company become a global phenomenon.

In the top
Mark Wells, chief design officer at Royal Enfield, says the SG 650 signals Enfield’s growth to new heights. A classic stroll in modernity. At first glance, the SG 650 has no classic element. The new design is totally different, attractive and completely modern. Royal Enfield takes it to the next level with the SG 650.

Neo retro
Is this a complete change? No, said Marc. There is no Bullet without Classic elements. Mark describes the new design as neo-retro. A model that pays homage to the rich history of Royal Enfield custom motorcycles while embracing the digital future. The SG 650 defines the future of Royal Enfield, while retaining the DNA of the Bullet.

The era of space travel
A ride on the Bullet in the age of space travel, connectivity and connected devices will be on the SG 650. The new bike has been described as a neon-saturated, cyber urban jungle – where old meets new in a tangle of concrete, metal, bright lights and dark streets, where analog and digital intertwine and blend. Anyway, even at first glance, one might be bowled over by the awesome design of the bike. First unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan, the motorcycle concept won enough fans for Royal Enfield.

Enfield twin segment
The SG 650 belongs to the 650 twin motorcycle segment which was first launched in 2018. It will be alongside the Interceptor 650 which won the award for one of the best twin motorcycles in the world and the Continental GT. .

The Interceptor which has won multiple retro motorcycle awards in the UK and India is the UK’s best-selling nude-styled mid-size motorcycle. The motorcycle is also quite popular in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Stick to the lineage
While modern, look further and you can find the retro elements of the SG 650. The polished aluminum front is heritage-inspired, while the fuel tank and digital graphics are futuristic. If we borrow the language of the designers, it can be called timeless. The fuel tank is machined from a solid block of aluminum. Other such elements include rims with integrated ABS, custom designed brake calipers, dual front disc brakes, inverted front forks, key aluminum components, dual rear shocks and a leather solo seat. .

To throw
Designed as a concept model, the production version of the SG 650 will hit the roads without too much delay. Enfield could launch it in foreign markets first and then bring it to India. What has made the Bullet a popular vehicle around the world is its price. What a Bullet delivers is design and quality that rivals its competition at less than half the price. He will also continue the strategy in India. So now you can expect a global motorcycle that costs only a third of the imported models.

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