A guide to visit these unique canals

The canals in Venice, California are similar to those in Italy, except these are lined with Hollywood houses and palm trees.

Canals are man-made canals that are created and used either for the maintenance of water transport vehicles or for the transport of water. Some see them as fabricated rivers. California has many canals, in fact; there are over 2,300 channels.

A set of canals in California can be found in Los Angeles County and are known as the Canals of Venice. Canals are a unique thing that a person can visit at the beach. The canals can be found at Venice Beach, off 25th Street. It might be easy to miss them if you aren’t looking for them. There are four canals which are about a quarter of a mile long. The area is mostly neighborhoods.

The history of the canals

Venice, California was founded by Abbot Kinney, a tobacco millionaire. When it was founded in 1905, it was a seaside town. Several kilometers were dug for the canals to empty the marshes of Father Kinney’s house and bring a taste of Venice to the United States. The city filled many canals to create more roads. By the end of 1928, the vast majority of canals no longer existed.

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The canals of Venice

Free parking is available at the end of Venice Blvd in a parking lot. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll to see the tranquil neighborhood which seems out of place given Venice’s beach footfall. The majority of the houses along the canal have a dock and a boat at the dock. It is very easy for locals to get on their gondoliers and travel through the canal to a neighbor’s house.

Each channel tends to have two and sometimes three bridges that connect the two sides of the channel. Visitors can easily cross the bridges to get from one side of the canal to the other. Some of the bridges may appear to be the same design, but on closer inspection they are all different. The bridges provide the perfect opportunity to take some very fascinating photos.

The houses along the canal

While walking and enjoying the canals, visitors should also admire the view of the houses. The extravagant houses that line the canals cost at least a million dollars. They are expensive but while enjoying them most people can see how the residents take great care of their homes.

The residents take great pride in their home, and it shows in anyone who walks and enjoys the area.

Where to find the channels

Those who want to enjoy the beauty of the canals can head to the southern border of Venice Beach, between West Washington Blvd and South Venice Blvd. To get to the canals, visitors can find them on S Dell Ave, 25th Avenue, 27th Avenue, and Sanborn Ave.

There are two canals that run north to south and four that run east to west. The brightly lit canals with the magnificent unique bridges and gondoliers are a great draw for the development. The four that run east to west are the Carroll Canal, Howland Canal, Sherman Canal, and Linnie Canal. The two that run from north to south are the East and the Grand Canal. There are several places that offer private boat and walking tours of the canals.

Best time to visit

Anytime is a good time to visit Los Angeles, but some times are better than others. If visitors want to visit when the weather is hottest, fall is the best time to go. Not only is the weather nice, but there are also fewer people around. If visitors want to visit when it is drier then spring is a great time to visit. Summer can be a more difficult time to visit as it can get very hot.

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Where to stay

There are so many beautiful places to stay when visiting the Los Angeles area. Many hotels overlook the promenade and Venice Beach. The Venice Beach area is one of the coolest areas to visit in Los Angeles. Explore this trendy neighborhood and stay in one of these hotel rooms.

Venice Kinney Beach

The Kinney Venice Beach hotel portrays a great place to stay on vacation. The yard is lit by fairy lights and is made of Astroturf. There’s an inviting pool that visitors will be thankful for on those hot Los Angeles days. Room prices start at $ 153 a night.

Hotel Erwin

Hotel Erwin offers views of the palm-lined promenade and the waves. The hotel offers a rooftop bar which is popular with visitors for a drink while watching the promenade and the ocean. Room prices start at $ 260 per night.

Hostel in Venice Beach

The Inn at Venice Beach is an expensive hotel choice when visiting the area. Rooms are simple and easy on a traveler’s wallet. It is only a short getaway to Venice Beach and the famous boardwalk. Room prices start at $ 187 a night.

AIR Venice Beach

AIR Venice Beach overlooks the promenade. Rooms offer ocean views. Visitors can easily exit the room, grab a surfboard, and head straight into the water. Room prices start at $ 149 per night.

The canals of Venice should be added to anyone’s list of considering visiting the Los Angeles area. The beautiful promenade along the canals allows visitors to appreciate the houses along the canals as well as the unique bridges. Now is the time to book this trip!

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